Supercharge Your Headless Commerce Experience with Sparq Product Filters & Search

Experience seamless integration, lightning-fast Search & Filters, and unparalleled flexibility for your headless commerce business.

Improve Shopify Filters & Search and improve conversions

Transform Your Headless Commerce Experience

Begin your journey into the world of headless ecommerce with Sparq Filters and Search. Revolutionize the customer experience on your ecommerce platform by harnessing the power of our completely headless, microservices-based structure.

Why choose Sparq Filters and Search

  • feature availableInstant search results for a smooth shopping experience
  • feature availableAuto-complete and spell correction to guide customers to the right products
  • feature availableAdvanced filters for precise and efficient product discovery
  • feature availableComprehensive analytics to optimize your product offerings
Why Choose Sparq Search For Your Store

Experience the Benefits of Integrating Sparq Search into Your Store

Unparalleled Front-End Adaptability for Superior User Experience

Unparalleled Front-End Adaptability for Superior UX

Our front-end execution boasts unprecedented flexibility, deploying a microservices-based architecture that lets you create a user experience tailored to your unique needs. The result? Enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction.

Boosted Conversion Rates and Revenue

Sparq elevates the shopping experience with targeted search results and seamless filtering. This boosts the average time spent on your site by 30% and lifts order value by 12.5%. The outcome? Increased revenue and an impressive return on investment for your e-commerce store.

Boosted Conversion Rates and Revenue


Harness the power of Sparq's API-first approach. Dive into rapid experimentation with innovative experiences and user interfaces, all without the burden of backend engineering.

Elevate your Efficiency - Experience the Sparq Difference now.

Flexible, Tailored Integration

Flexible, Tailored Integration

Sparq Filters and Search equips you with robust SDKs and APIs for easy integration into any e-commerce front-end platform. This lets you leverage the power of our headless technology, allowing you to customize it to your store's distinct requirements and aesthetic.

Effortless Scalability and High-Performance

As a cloud-native, headless solution, Sparq Search allows your online store to scale seamlessly, providing rapid, secure performance regardless of your business's size or growth trajectory.

Effortless Scalability and High-Performance
In-depth Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

In-depth Analytics for Data-Driven Decision Making

Sparq Filters and Search furnishes comprehensive analytics and insights into customer behavior, search patterns, and product performance. These data empower you to make informed decisions that optimize your store's performance and catalyze growth.

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Headless commerce is an approach that separates the frontend presentation layer from the backend business processes in an e-commerce platform. This separation allows for greater flexibility in design, customization, and scalability, while facilitating seamless integration with various systems and APIs.

To integrate Sparq Search, first, install the app and configure its settings to suit your requirements. Next, connect it to your platform's frontend through APIs, ensuring that the search functionality works as intended. The Sparq Search Onboarding team of Consultants and Specialistsn is available to assist you throughout the integration process.

Sparq Search offers a customizable design interface that can be tailored to match your headless Commerce platform's visual style. This ensures a consistent and visually appealing user experience that aligns with your brand identity.

Yes, Sparq Search is designed to integrate seamlessly with any e-commerce front-end solution, ensuring a consistent and engaging shopping experience across all platforms.

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