How a Canadian Street Fashion brand, increased its Average Order Value by 18% using Sparq has helped a Canada-based leading Street style fashion and footwear brand to grow their average order value by 18%.

How a Canadian Street Fashion brand, increased its Average Order Value by 18% using Sparq
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18% Increase in Average Order Value

Client: Canada's premier streetwear fashion brand with a three-story, ten thousand square foot storefront located in the heart of Canada's capital city.The brand with a legacy of 25 years, is now one of the largest streetwear retailer in the world.

The Challenge: wanted to showcase their products in the search bar, fix search navigation and wanted to increase conversion rate through that.

Solution: Sparq's advanced AI could easily process the vast database and bulk categories of our client and provide a butter-smooth search experience along with searchandising that helped our client generate upto 67% of income through our tools alone and also lead to an increase in Average Order Value (AOV) by 18%.

Normal Sparq advanced AI

This brand serves curated collections of footwear to its customers both across online and offline stores. With a plethora of options to choose from its website, Sparq has helped this client provide smooth search navigation for its customers. As a result, their average order value has increased by 18% and has also led to an overall increase in the total revenue of the client. Sparq users contribute about 67% in the revenue of the client store which evidently about the relevancy of the results that Sparq AI provides.

In this case study, we will understand how using the Sparq search app-enabled this brand to achieve these numbers.

About the client

Our client is a legacy street fashion brand in Canada that has been serving its customers for the last 24 years. It started with its humble roots of a 10,000 sq. ft store, while today, it boasts a 3-level retail experience across Canada. Its products span across men, women, kids, and accessories while housing 40+ curated brands under its portfolio.

It is also a contributor to Sole4Soul Canada, a Non-Profit organization focusing on ending the cycle of poverty. This client provides used shoes donated by its customers, for which a dedicated bin is provided across its stores for collection.

Growth opportunity

Being a fashion brand, the store needs to maintain a strong online presence with the rise of preference for digital shopping, especially amidst the pandemic. As customers get to choose among the plethora of buying options, our client chose to focus on ensuring a smooth user experience for their website.

Knowing that 'search' accounts for a crucial repeatable activity for its customers on their website, our client decided to fix search navigation and use the 'search bar' provided to showcase their products.

Julian O'Shaughnessy

Director of eCommerce

Sparq's product and support team has been very helpful for a successful integration with our store & left us with a seamless search experience to provide for our customers

Why did the client choose Sparq for their
eCommerce search function?

Sparq manages to go beyond being a Shopify search app as it also takes care of searchandising . Our app can easily manage bulk product categories and provide relevant, instant results as your customers type their search queries. We also showcase products during their time spent on search leading to a better overall search experience with increased conversion rates.

Hence, Sparq provides the required features as per our client's problem statements to provide a butter-smooth search experience to their customers.

Today, Sparq filter and search engine is used by more than 54% of the visitors to the client store.


Sparq users contribute 67% in the total revenue

Revenue Image

In our client's case you can see that the total revenue of our client store is $148,741 and out of that $100,505 is contributed by Sparq users which is about 67%.

Since Sparq provides a seamless user experience for navigating the store, customers tend to use our search & filter app for finding and completing their purchases.

18% increase in AOV

Other Revenue

Average Order Value (AOV) is an important metric in an eCommerce business that determines the average total of each order transacted with your store over a specific period.

In the case of our client, their usual customers generated $263 worth of AOV. But customers who have interacted with Sparq's search plugin in their purchase cycle have generated an AOV of $310 - an increase of almost 18%.

The increased AOV is important as it shows that a shopper has increased access to the products, easily finds the relevant products and completes more purchases.

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Whether you're a street style fashion and footwear brand like our client or any other eCommerce store, 'search' will always play an integral role in your customer journey. Make searching easy and get the most out of the time spent by your customers with Sparq's AI capabilities and searchandising approach.

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