12 Nov 2021

Shopify SEO 101 How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

Shopify SEO 101 How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

A considerable number of online store visitors lose interest in a product where a proper description of it is missing. There is no one anywhere that is willing to buy a product on the internet without knowing anything about it?

Fortunately, the good thing is that a lot of businesses identify the importance of these descriptions.

However, businesses and eCommerce stores don’t formulate their content well enough to convert visitors. They feel mere descriptions, no matter how curated, are enough and don’t recognize that its impact on purchase conversions is much deeper than this.

So, what are the specifics of a Shopify product description, how does it benefit your eCommerce store, and what are the best practices in creating the most effective product description content?

These are what you learn from our insightful write-up. Let’s dive in.

What Is A Product Description?

A product description is a marketing copy explaining what a product is, what it has to offer, and how customers benefit from it. In the context of eCommerce, a Shopify product description is an accompanying explanation of the features, details, or benefits of a product placed on the product landing page.

The best Shopify product description educates online store visitors with the necessary information they need before purchasing a product or persuades unwilling visitors into purchasing the product. It is a part of your conversion funnel, having a great deal of effect on how many visitors you convert to sales through the product page. Getting how to write Shopify product descriptions right means increasing your purchase conversion rate, sales, and, in the long run, ensuring the eventual success of your eCommerce business.

An effective product description could additionally clarify what makes the product different from its counterpart. The baseline remains to keep visitors interested or increase their interest in this product with information about it. A great product description even helps with your SEO.

Tips For Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Tips For Writing Effective Product Descriptions

Be Honest

Providing accurate and transparent information on your products is important for many reasons. Think of a situation where your online store visitor has previously made use of the product. Where your product description gives an accurate depiction of his or her experience, what is said about the trustworthiness of your store?

This doesn’t only prevent the conversion of this visitor for this particular product but also affects other products on your website. Of course, you don’t need to state the flaws or downsides of using the product. However, where a product shows strength - whether in its design, effectiveness, or ease of use, you pay particular attention to these strong points within your product description.

Focus On Your Target Audience

Understanding your audience helps you create content that increases your chance of conversion. Appealing to the mind of your audience involves determining the industry-specific language to use, the tone, how much humor is permitted, and how formal or informal the write-up is.

For example, a description for an ebook on law requires a high level of professionalism within the content. On the other hand, a description of a beach ball permits informal use of words and a lot of creativity to keep visitors interested.

Provide All Details

20% of attempted eCommerce purchases fail due to a lack of product information. You don’t want customers pulling out of your conversion funnel because of this, so you make sure they have every detail and the information required to make a purchase. Provide them with enough information about the product using which they can make comparisons where required and undertake informed decisions when choosing to purchase.

Keep It Easy To Skim

An effective product description is easy to read through. Whether for fast skimming or careful reading (depending on the type of product), how you create your content is required to allow for easy reading. This is where bullet points and a dynamic product description template come in handy. Easy skimming could also be determined by your web design format and how details are presented within it.

To give an example, for computing devices, there is no doubt that providing specifications through long and detailed lists is the only satisfactory way of presenting your product.

Optimize Your Use Of Words

One piece of advice that is never over-emphasized is that you avoid the use of superfluous words and superlatives. Filling your content with words like “best” or phrases like “excellent product quality” makes your content cliche and less persuasive. Your customers have seen these countless times before being disappointed.

What you rather do is make use of sensory words. Sensory words are powerful and help your customers visualize the use of the product. Describing yogurt with adjectives like “thick” and “smooth” is an example of how sensory words and adjectives are used.

It is also important that words prove to be more persuasive. These include the words “suddenly”, “now”, ”announcing”, “introducing”, “improvement”, “offer”, “quick”, and “easy”, among a lot of others listed. These help you in writing catchy product descriptions.

Include social proof

Just as user reviews and user-generated content prove important in converting your regular eCommerce store visitors, they are also important to include within your product page. Reviews and quotes from customers describing the product, especially positively, are more relatable with your new visitors than what you say to them. You easily create advanced product descriptions and crucially build trust through user-generated content.

How to optimize Product Descriptions

How to optimize Product Descriptions

Now, after formulating your content, you need to optimize it by setting out certain tools and KPIs to monitor customer behavior and page conversion rates. For your product descriptions, you could additionally perform A/B testing. Here you test out different formats, lengths, and words for your product page then iterate the selection till you get the best results.

Product Description Template

Creating a template makes writing ecommerce product descriptions easier. However, you need to understand that you can’t use just one product description template for all your products. Regardless of all these, however, Shopify offers the best template for your product descriptions. This includes:

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A short, entertaining paragraph containing how the product is best used
  • Bullet list of features, including technical details
  • A list or paragraph of benefits, depending on the product type and how many benefits it offers
  • Social proof

Once your Shopify product description template is created, you’re then ready to incorporate your content and merge it with your product page.



The level of competition in eCommerce, especially in recent years, gives you no excuse for letting potential customers or leads slip through your hands. Shopify product page descriptions are aspects of product landing pages that a lot of business owners give little attention to.

Having shown a considerable amount of leads are lost due to a lack of this, why then should you remain with the losing group? Making content optimizations by following our tips gives you an edge over your competitors.

You ensure your conversion funnel is completely fulfilled and achieve the main goal of every eCommerce business out there; increasing your sales revenue, profits, and growing your business to one of the largest in its niche.

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