10 Feb 2022

Using product images in your Shopify Search Bar to improve Your eCommerce store conversion

Using product images in your Shopify Search Bar to improve Your eCommerce store conversion

Everyone knows product images are all too important within any eCommerce store. That’s the only way to show your visitors and customers exactly what they are buying. However, there’s one thing everyone doesn’t know; placing product images within your search function increases your eCommerce store conversions.

Product images displayed for result suggestions within your Shopify search bar are important to your eCommerce store in so many different ways. This article lets you understand their level of importance and ways to make them work even better for you.

As straightforward as it gets, up to 93% of online shoppers consider product images to be important while deciding to purchase a product. Who wouldn’t like to see how the product looks before purchasing it?

For you, this statistic is one worth exploiting. Product images are crucial tools for improving the customer experience within your eCommerce store. You seemingly mimic the real-life shopping experience for them and, by providing this great customer experience, you have them coming back for more purchases. This brings us to your conversion rate.

Although great user experience has a lot to do with it, high-quality product images also improve your conversion rate by creating trust in the consumer for the product. Your website visitors have a far higher chance of making purchases within your eCommerce store if you make use of high-quality product images rather than low-quality images. All these just show the general importance of product images to your eCommerce store. Now, placing these images within the search bar gives your store visitors an even better customer experience and a higher conversion rate.

You have an eCommerce store where a variety of products are offered. These products are not the same but share very similar names and characteristics. Best believe, a lot of your store visitors already have an idea of what they came for and want to make the right choice while searching for products. Displaying plain suggestions through texts means your store visitors have to go into the results page. You make the sales funnel longer and your eCommerce store conversion is put at risk.

Having product images placed within search suggestions does a lot. For a start, your visitors are shown the products fitting their search queries without having to dive deeper into your eCommerce website. They know which product represents what they are looking for and directly go into the product landing page while avoiding a result page that could be overwhelming sometimes.

By this, you invariably shorten the sales funnel, make customer navigation through your website a whole lot easier, and improve your eCommerce store conversion rate. The easier your customer gets to the desired product, the faster you get this individual to purchase before any change of mind occurs.

Online shoppers love images, so you ensure that you provide them with their beloved high-quality and relevant images whenever you can. This is why top Shopify search apps like Sparq have this option in the first place. It works.

Nonetheless, how can you get the best of product images within your Shopify search suggestions?

Making The Best Use Of Product Images Within Your Shopify Search App

Making The Best Use Of Product Images Within Your Shopify Search App

There are a few important practices that ensure you get the best out of this Shopify search bar function.

Consider An Advanced Shopify Search App

Advice that cannot be stressed enough, to get the most out of this intuitive search bar function, you need an advanced-level search app. This refers to a search app that offers you this functionality and more to even improve your customer experience and beat any competition you have. Sparq is one advanced search app you can trust, and for good reasons.

First, you don’t just have access to this “image in search bar” option but also have the chance to give your customers hyper-specific results and at very fast speeds. You additionally enjoy real-time sync, meaning product images are always up to date, as well as result filtration options to go with these product images, among a lot of others.

Going further, we see additional uses for an advanced Shopify search app like Sparq in increasing your eCommerce store conversions through product images.

Avoid Providing Excess Information

Avoid Providing Excess Information

Considering recent UI/UX design trends and how much they have worked, minimalism is key. You do not want a cluttered user interface that makes it hard for your website visitors to easily distinguish between products. Neither do you want an overwhelming interface that sends them back to where they were coming from? You go straight to the point with your displayed product images and only provide the most important pieces of information; the name and price of the product alongside the product image.

The name, so the product is identifiable, and the price, so the website visitor easily sifts through the options available without having to visit an additional webpage. Displaying this amount of information keeps your eCommerce store as simplistic as you need it to be, and your website visitors and customers as interested as you need them to be for eCommerce store conversion.

One additional piece of information you may provide to your customers alongside product images within your Shopify search bar is product ratings. These are also important pieces of information that improve the shopping experience for visitors, as they are shown how other individuals rate the products.

Implement Merchandising

Now with product images within your search bar, your merchandising operations through your search bar function become easier to pull off and even more effective. Rather than displaying text about a random product you wish to promote and hoping to convince shoppers with just the name, you have the chance to exploit your visitor’s love for images. You increase your chances for eCommerce store conversion by providing them with a proper high-quality image of that product.

Incorporating the use of a product image in the promotion of any product always increases your chance of success.

Add Product Images To Your Shopify Search Bar Now

Avoid Providing Excess Information

Looking at all talked about, the effectiveness of product images can’t be downplayed. On your customer experience and eventual eCommerce store conversions, product images within your Shopify search bar amplify any improvements you wish to make.

By reducing the sales funnel and steps towards conversion, you make the shopping experience all the more seamless and enjoyable for your customers. All relevant information required to find the exact products they are looking for and make a choice are available to them through the search bar.

Nonetheless, as said before, this store improvement strategy is not fully exploitable except an advanced search app is used to channel it. Search exists for this exact reason, with your merchandising, search analytics, result filtering, and integrated product rating options covered, among a lot of others. You provide your customers with hyper-specific product results and assure them of a higher chance of finding the products that fit their query. This translates to greater success for you in increasing your eCommerce store conversions.

With a lot of Shopify store owners ignoring the search function, you place yourself on a higher footing than a majority of your competition. Be a part of this by using Spark’s AI powered Shopify search app plugin enabling your store with the above mentioned features.

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