08 Dec 2021

8 Best Paid and Free Shopify Search App in 2021

8 Best Paid and Free Shopify Search App in 2021

Shopify at present powers 1.75 million sellers worldwide, making up to 4% of the global websites. By leveraging simplicity in design and the no-code revolution, Shopify has empowered entrepreneurs and creators to launch their store within mins with unparalleled support.

While setting up stores is easy, ensuring a great customer experience is a key to growing one’s business in the eCommerce market. A majority of this experience is dominated by the simplest task while one visits your store - searching relevant products.

Thankfully, Shopify has created a great ecosystem of themes, Shopify search app plugins, and other services that help store owners improve search experiences for their customers.

In this article, we list out the major Shopify search apps plugins, both for free and paid versions available that you can integrate with your Shopify store and improve the customer search experience.

How to choose the best Shopify Search App plugin for your eCommerce store?

While Shopify provides a host of features to optimize the user experience of your store, its options are limited and will simply make you ‘one of the eCommerce stores’ in their ecosystem. Using a third-party Shopify search app plugin will provide you with additional benefits like decreasing time spent in searching products, improved site speed, and reduced website dropouts, thus helping your store experience stand out.

Here are 5 key considerations while choosing the right Shopify Search App:

  • Mobile-Friendly - More than 54% of websites are opened on mobile devices. Hence, you should ensure your Shopify search app is compatible with mobile views and does not hang your websites’ responsiveness
  • Strong Analytics - Google has built a goldmine company on search, so why not analyze your own eCommerce store’s real-time searches and optimize your product portfolio? A good Shopify search app will provide you with real-time search data to drive instantaneous business decisions
  • Customized Promotions - As an eCommerce store, you’ll be running multiple campaigns throughout the year, and pushing offers during search intent can increase your conversions
  • Theme Compatibility - Ensure your Shopify Search App is compatible with your theme so that it doesn’t disrupt the overall shopping experience with code glitches
  • Responsive Support - With the prime importance of search function, it's necessary to have great support that will fix your Shopify search app problems and help with integrations

Keeping the above aspects in mind, we have curated the top 5 Instant Search Apps for Shopify and how well they fare when it comes to features, costs, and support provided


Powered by artificial intelligence, Sparq is the most comprehensive Shopify search app in terms of features that can provide a complete solution for search, product promotions, and real-time analytics in one single plugin. With just 25ms of search speed, it can sync in real-time with your store, leading to a quicker response to customers’ search behavior. It has shown a 30% increase in time spent by customers and a 40% reduction in dropouts.

  • Features - Real-time Search Analytics, dynamic filters, add product promotions by pushing discounted products in search, mobile responsive, instant search suggestions, store SEO tools, Integrations, custom UI, autocorrect, synonyms, etc
  • Support - Email and chat support with 4 hours response time for enterprise plan, email support with 48 hours response time for Basic Plan
  • Pricing Plans - From Starter Plan at $9/month to $300/month custom enterprise plans
  • Website - Sparq.ai

Product Filter and Search App

This Instant Search App for Shopify uses semantic search technology to bring you support of searches in 40+ languages. It also provides image and voice-based search options for new-age search experience.

  • Features - Search Analytics, promotional banners, mobile responsive, visual and voice search, adaptive search, etc
  • Support - Email
  • Pricing Plans - From Free 1000 requests/month to Size-L plan at $69/month with 100,000 requests/month
  • Website - Doofinder

Smart Search and Filter

Currently powering more than 12,000 eCommerce merchants worldwide, this plugin allows you to create filter collections along with providing features to improve conversion rates by upselling, promotions, and redirects. It provides an Instant search app for Shopify and claims to have increased conversion rates by 19%.

  • Features - auto-complete, spell-check, multilingual search with support for 6000+ languages, keyword-based redirects, custom UI, etc
  • Support - Email
  • Pricing Plans - From Free with 25 products to a Pro plan at $9/month for 500 products
  • Website - Searchanise

Instant Search+ and Filters

This Shopify search app plugin provides instant search, analytics for search history, and personalized recommendations to your customers. It also allows you to create SEO-friendly landing pages automatically.

  • Features - tag-based filters, autocorrect, visual search, landing pages, access control, GDPR/CCPA/ADA compliant
  • Support - Email
  • Pricing Plans - From Free with 1500 monthly sessions to an Essential plan at $49.99/month for 10,000 monthly sessions
  • Website - FastSimon Inc

Smart Search and Product Filters

This plugin easily integrates with your existing Shopify search bar with a focus on autocorrect to increase your typo-related conversion misses. It also provides real-time suggestions as one types out their queries along with analytics and product promotion features.

  • Features - multi-lingual support, synonyms, autocorrect, push specific products in search results, search analytics
  • Support - Email
  • Pricing Plans - From Free for 100 products to an Enterprise plan starting at $49/month for 50,000 products
  • Website - CloudSearch

This plugin provides extensive features that would allow you to create beautiful collection pages for your customers to easily navigate to their desired items. These include location filters, multi-select filters, product pinning, etc. It powers 8000+ eCommerce stores and 1500+ Shopify Plus stores worldwide.

  • Features - mobile responsive, advanced analytics, search redirects, synonyms support, etc
  • Support - Email and chat
  • Pricing Plans - From Starter Plan at $14.99/month to a Pro plan at $29.99/month
  • Website - SoBooster

This Shopify Search App comes with powerful autocomplete and autocorrect features that work storewide. They have a full-feature 30-day free trial for you to check out post which, you have a pay-as-you-go model, which means you pay as per your product usage.

  • Features - custom filters, autocorrect, autocomplete, free setup, search analytics, theme integrations
  • Support - Email and chat
  • Pricing Plans - From Free Plan up to 500 products to a Pro plan at $39/month for 50,000 products
  • Website - Omega Commerce

This plugin focuses on product filter powered search along with advanced sorting function across price, vendor, brand, type, custom-defined, sales percentage, etc. it comes with full-text search, redirects, and shows recommended products when desired search results are not shown.

  • Features - custom filters, autocorrect, autocomplete, share filter results, layout options, synonyms, full-text search, etc
  • Support - Email
  • Pricing Plans - From Starter Plan $9/month for 500 products to a Pro plan at $29/month for 5000 products
  • Website - Globo

Why should you choose Sparq.ai as your Shopify Search App partner?

At Sparq.ai, we understand how crucial having a seamless search experience is and the important role of data management and analytics in ensuring the same.

Our features are powered by Artificial Intelligence that scales as your business grows. We also offer the following additional benefits:

  • Site-wide search across blogs, products, collections, pages, etc
  • Integrated search interface with search pages, collection page, dropdowns, and custom HTML options
  • Theme customizations and support to ensure our instant search app plugin is compatible
  • Promotional features for banners, discounts, redirects, etc
  • Multiple integrations for push notifications, currency, reviews, etc
  • Advanced AI-powered analytics for revenue tracking, search results, click tracking, conversion, etc

We have taken care of your complete search experience that you can get insights from and optimize your product offerings for maximum ROI. Contact our team today for a demo - View Sparq.ai in action

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