Customize your store experience by creating unique product filters for your store based on product tags you’ve already set. These filters will show up on the search results page and collection pages powered by Sparq.

Smart Dynamic Filters also update automatically to give options that are relevant to the search query. That way search users don’t end up on dead-ends and no-result pages.

Sparq offers you the ability to customize two types of filters. These filters appear on your search results page and the collection pages powered by Sparq.

System Generated filters: These are filters that are created automatically by Shopify itself based on some key information of your products. This looks at Product Tags, Product Type, Collections, Vendor, and Variants. These filters can’t be removed but you can still hide these filters from the search results and collection pages.

Tag Based Filters: Create brand new filters for your store using various tags you’ve set on your store. All you have to do is enter a new name for the filter and which tags you want to be included as options. These filters appear on both search results and collection pages to make navigation easier for your visitors. Have a look at our comprehensive guide to know more.

Configuring these filters is simple and changes are reflected within seconds on your store. Just click on the Edit or Add Filter buttons and have a go at it.


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