Dashboard and data configuration

This screen gives you an overview of the products, collections, and pages Sparq has indexed on your site. If there is an issue then you can reach out to us using the in-app chat or email us at support@sparq.ai.



After accessing the Data Tab, you will be able to see your Products, Collections and Pages data that will appear on Sparq Search.

Product Data

Easy search navigation helps you find and update the desired item. Pin or Hide objects from the menu itself or click through to edit product attributes. You can learn more on our Searchandizing page.

Collection Data

Data Sync

The Data Sync tab lets you check if syncing of products, collections, and pages are going smoothly. You also have the option to push any updated data manually with Request Complete Sync option that will resync your store’s entire data with Sparq Search since the last update.

You can also check the status of the last indexing process with the Sync Log. This shows you info about the last 20 synchronization processes and which type they were - product, pages, or collection.

Sparq makes use of Shopify Webhooks to process updates to your store products, orders or collection in real time. Any changes to your catalogue are reflected on Sparq Search within seconds. You can also see the last timestamp when the changes from the store were synced with Sparq like in this screenshot.