Smart Dynamic Filters

Sparq Search helps you create unique product filters for your store based on product tags you’ve already set. Your store no longer has to be restricted by the limited filters that are offered by Shopify.

You can create any number of unique filters and customize where they show up. On the search page, these filters will update automatically to match the search query thanks to our smart dynamic filter technology and can remove the irrelevant filters to prevent zero-result searches.

Types of Filters

Sparq currently offers two types of filters, System Filter and Tag Filters. Both of these filters appear on your search results page and the collection pages powered by Sparq.

System filters

These are filters that are created automatically by Sparq itself based on key attributes of your products. The system looks at Product Tags, Product Type, Collections, Vendor, and Variants. These filters can’t be deleted, but you can change the title of filters or can be hidden from search page or collection pages.

Tag Filters

Create brand new filters for your store using various tags you’ve set on your store. All you have to do is enter a new name for the filter and which tags you want to be included as options. These filters appear on both search results and collection pages to make navigation easier for your visitors.

System Filter

System Filter are special filters created by Sparq automatically by parsing your product data. Sparq search looks at following attribute when creating system filter

  • Product Tags
  • Product Type
  • Vendor
  • Collection Names
  • All options for variants

A system filter is generated by Sparq and cannot be deleted or created by a store owner. A store owner can perform only following actions on system filters

  • Update Title for the filter
  • Enable/Disable the filter
  • Show/Hide the filter on Search Page
  • Show/Hide the filter on Collection Page
  • Collapse or Expand filter on the UI

System Filter includes price filters which are generated automatically, basis the prices of your products.

Hide Values in Filter

For System Filters, you can hide specific values from the filters that you show on your website in just a few steps. This is different from hiding a filter category. The product with these tags will still show up the search results.

As an example, we’ve chosen to hide the value of “Dolls” from our filters. On the System Filter page, you will see a field for Hide Filter Values. Enter the tags you want to hide from filters. These can be separated by comma or hitting the enter key. Remember to save your changes.

Hide Settings

Once saved, those specific values will be hidden from the filter list. In the below screenshot you will the difference when a filter value is hidden from a filter. Please note that this only hides the filter values and not respective products from the search results.

Hide Filter - Before/After Values

Tag Filter

A Tag Filter is a custom filter which a user can create additionally on basis of the tags applied to the products.

Let’s take the example of a shop selling Tea Sets who wants to add a new filter to show which country the set has been designed in.

First, head to the "Filters" menu from the Sparq Search panel.

Filter Menu

This screen shows you the current filters that are active on your search and collection pages. On this page, click on the Add Filter button.

Add Tag Filter

You will now be shown on the screen where you can create and add additional filters to your store.

Create Tag Filter Screen

In the Filter Name tab, add the new filter you want to create. This will be the new attribute under which new custom options will appear. Here the shop will put in “Country of Origin”.

Add Filter Name

Next, add in the Tags you want to appear as options in this attribute. Make sure that you’ve already added the relevant tags to your products. For our example, it will be “Japan”, “China”, “Turkey”. Hit the Enter key to separate the tags.

Add Filter Name

Finally, you can check if you want this new filter to appear on both the search results and collection pages in the Filter Visibility Tab. For best results, we recommend that you keep both options enabled.

Add Filter Name

The Show Expanded option is present for every filter, system-generated and tag-generated. It lets you toggle if you want to show the various options present in this filter by default or not. If this option is toggled off for a filter, that will appear collapsed on the search results page.

Don’t forget to save your new filters!

Finally, when you’re ready, make sure to save to apply the changes. You will see the new filters active on your store within minutes.