04 Aug 2022

Top seven best eCommerce podcasts to listen to in 2022

Top seven best eCommerce podcasts to listen to in 2022

In recent times, there has been a continuous expansion of the web and the forms of media on it. Travelling back in time to about ten years ago, podcasts did not exist, and the closest thing to them were radios. However, these days there seems to be a buzz around the innovation that allows people to record and share their stories and advice.

This buzz has spread into the eCommerce industry. Many successful entrepreneurs now operate an eCommerce podcast to enlighten others on how to scale their business. Considering how demanding and time-consuming entrepreneurship is, most entrepreneurs do not have time to read articles or watch Youtube videos. Hence, they subscribe to listening to podcasts.

Learning from others via podcasts is genuinely a smart thing to do, and that is why we have put together a list of the best eCommerce podcasts you should listen to in 2022. Let’s dive straight into the article by starting with the basics.

What Is A Podcast?

What Is A Podcast?

A podcast is an audio media file available for audience consumption on the internet. It shares strong similarities with talk radio, only that radio presentations are often live and in-action while a podcast is pre-recorded. Podcasts are a very convenient way to gather information or learn about anything. They are often available on the most popular streaming platforms and can be listened to anywhere.

They are often released in an episodic pattern and can be in the form of an interview or just monologues. The demand for podcasts has increased consistently over the years and this is because they share the same benefits as reading or watching educational content.

Advantages of Listening to An eCommerce Podcast

Advantages of Listening to An eCommerce Podcast

As an eCommerce store owner, here are some of the things you get to benefit from listening to top eCommerce podcasts.

  • Stay updated on Industry trends: As hinted at the beginning of this article, the world and everything within it is moving very fast. Every day, new tricks and tips are discovered to help your eCommerce business perform better. The best place to catch up with these is listening to a top Shopify podcast. In addition to these, podcasters often niche down; hence, when listening to a podcast about a new trick, one can rest assured to be getting very detailed information.
  • Learn from the story of others: Podcasting comes with a refreshing storytelling technique. Most top eCommerce podcasts thrive on the unique and interesting story of the podcaster. This makes it easy to follow the episodic pattern of the podcast and also remember all that is being said. Also, with the interview style of podcasting, a listener gets to enjoy three to four different perspectives that put them ahead. When three or eCommerce podcasters come together to share a story of why they failed or succeeded, it is next to impossible to not pick some valuable lessons from what they shared.
  • Learning from podcasts is easier: Since podcasts are mostly on phones, they are easier to listen to than reading a book or watching a documentary. They are mobile and can be carried about. For instance, you can listen to a podcast in your bathroom as long as your phone does not come in contact with water. They have an easy pause and play option; you can rewind if you didn’t get a part well and playback an episode you miss. Considering all these advantages, listening to eCommerce podcasts is an advisable thing to do for eCommerce business owners.

Here is a list of the best eCommerce podcasts to add to your ‘listen to’ list

2x eCommerce

Sitting on top of our list of best eCommerce podcasts is 2x eCommerce. This podcast is spearheaded by Kunle Campbell, who is an award-winning and world-renowned podcaster. He, as well as his guests, mostly share success stories on the podcast, and they often come with key lessons. The podcast is generally growth-centric. Most of the episodes have been about the expansion of an eCommerce business and growth.

If you are just starting your Shopify store, you might not find their podcast helpful. This is because they will be sharing content that is alien to your business level and stage. Hence the podcast is perfect for people that are looking to build customer loyalty and increase retention.

Fizzle Show Podcast

If you prefer an interview-style podcast, this Shopify podcast is made for you. Business experts from across the globe are often invited as speakers on this podcast, and they share insights that they have gathered from their years of experience. The podcast covers a wide range of topics in the eCommerce industry and is ideal for all eCommerce store owners.

If you are also looking for a networking resource in the eCommerce industry, this podcast could be the best Shopify podcast. You can search for the invited speakers online and connect with them for a more fruitful relationship. It is one of the best Shopify podcasts out there.

Future eCommerce

As its name proposes, the future eCommerce podcast is the podcast of the future. It is a top eCommerce podcast that dwells more on the future of eCommerce and the events that might unfold in the industry. If you are looking for a podcast that can help you make decisions regarding the future of your eCommerce, this podcast is just perfect. Most eCommerce store owners have recommended this podcast for research and strategy purposes.

eCommerce Influence

Auston Brewer is the host of this popular podcast, and he does his best to push it to be the best Shopify podcast out there. The renowned podcaster and eCommerce expert ensures that his Shopify podcast touches on many important eCommerce topics. The podcast discusses topics relevant to all types of eCommerce business owners regardless of the stage you are at. The podcast is also one of the few available on Apple Music and Spotify.

The core of Commerce

This is a top Shopify podcast that uses both the radio talk style and the interview style of podcasting. This makes it possible for the host to discuss their chosen topics at length and invite others for expert opinions. The Shopify podcast takes pride in not being a time waster and treating the crux of every topic. If you need a rundown of the news and trends happening in the industry within minutes, you should listen to this podcast.

eCommerce Masterplan

This top Shopify podcast is designed to give you all you need for your podcast's success. Chloe Thomas, the host, intends to give the listeners the starter pack necessary for them to scale their eCommerce store. This podcast is ideal for both beginners and people that are looking to expand their store and may be the best Shopify podcast for them. The podcast provides a very clear guide and advice on the steps to take regarding your podcast's operation.


This top Shopify podcast is designed to satisfy the curiosity of beginners in the eCommerce industry. The podcast discusses searchandising, marketing, founder stories, etc. If you are just starting and you have a lot of things bothering you and a lot of unanswered questions, you should listen to this podcast.

So this brings us to the end of our list of top Shopify podcasts. We hope this information helps you to get a better understanding of e-commerce industry. These podcasts will also help you know about other successful merchant's stories, their failures and how they eventually succeeded. You can also check one of our other blogs - How to find your eCommerce store's target market.

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