May 2019

I’m happy to announce that we’ve taken our first fledgeling steps in our Shopify app journey! It was a bit rockier than we expected but we’re confident we’ll do better.

I wanted to thank everyone who’s stuck with us, it has helped us a lot in prioritising what needs to be improved. Here are some of the things we’ve changed during this month,

24 May 2019

  • Sparq now goes live as soon as the first batch of 150-200 records is completed. Earlier, clients had to wait for the entire sync to be completed before Sparq went live.
  • We’re now using Mailjet to send transactional emails and one of the first emails we’ve set up is the “First-time sync completion” email. Now our clients will get an email informing them that Sparq has synced all product data and they can make some final customizations to the search.
  • The UI for the search dropdown box has been improved and will work beautifully across all major themes.
  • To make the search experience smoother, we’ve added a “clear all” button to remove filters that were selected. Selecting multiple price filters will now show more accurate results.

17 May 2019

  • The first time data sync process has been improved greatly with addition of a progress bar to clearly show exact progress of sync data.
  • We’ve also added a help article specifically for the first-time users. This link will appear during the initial sync and guide first-time users. The article will be updated with the future updates. [Read More]
  • We’ve also improved the way discounted price is being shown along with original price. Now if the original price is equal to discounted price, we do not show the original price. Many thanks to for helping us with this change.
  • Looking for ways to improve your Shopify store? Be it designs, SEO, marketing or analytics, we’ve got some expert advice for you. From this week, we’ll be updating our social media with curated posts from thought-leaders across the world. Grab a coffee and have a look our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter feeds.
  • The user interface for our default search box dropdown has been improved with lots of CSS enhancements. Please share your feedback with us.
  • We are adding in depth articles for specific features in our product. This is still WIP, but we have already quite a few for you to get started. [Read More]

10 May 2019

  • We’ve improved the data sync process and have migrated from REST APIs to GraphQL. This is recommended by Shopify and we hope it will significantly improve data syncing. [Read More]
  • We’ve added a "Getting Started" guide to help new stores get Sparq up and running. This covers everything from the initial install to some settings that allow you to control your search results.
  • We’ve also added an "FAQ" page and we plan to keep adding to this section with queries we receive from our customers.
  • We’re using MailChimp to automate our welcome emails to new sign-ups. This will take them to our “Getting Started” guide and also some in-depth feature articles.
  • We’ll also be personally reaching out to those Shopify stores who churned to understand where Sparq Search went wrong. We’re committed to becoming a better product and any feedback we get is vital for our growth.

Remember that you can always ping us with your suggestions and ideas! Please feel free to reach us at for any details.