Jun 2019

Hey everyone, hope you are doing well. First of all, I want to thank everyone who took out the time to give us some valuable feedback on our product. Here's hoping that we keep living up to your expectations!

Let's take a look at what we've done this month

30 Jun 2019

  • We’ve added a new Loader for our search results and category pages. This way website visitors get direct visual feedback that the site is loading in and are less likely to exit.
  • We’ve also written a blog the sees how Sparq stacks up against the default Shopify search. Apart from massive enhancements in the search experience and speed, Sparq also offers some key features that help eCommerce stores improve engagement and conversion rates. You can read the blog at https://www.sparq.ai/blogs/shopify-vs-sparq
  • We’ve also redesigned our drop down layout to make it more concise so that it is more responsive to screen sizes. We also took the opportunity to remove unnecessary some white spaces and improved overall the colors scheme.

7 Jun 2019

  • A major change that you will be seeing when you use Sparq now is our new dedicated search page. The advantage of using this page is that the loading speed of the page is much faster than earlier allowing us to deliver search results seamlessly. This search page can be customized using custom CSS.
  • We noticed that some of our clients were using third-party apps for inventory management which caused some products to be wrongly labelled as out of stock. So we’ve changed the way that Inventory control and out of stock are handled by Sparq. You will now have the option to tell Sparq to ignore default Shopify inventory control and always show a product in the search results. Disabling default Shopify inventory control will also hide the Availability filter on the search results page.
  • Clicking on the search results will now open the product page in a new tab so that a search user does not lose their place when they are browsing.

Remember that you can always ping us with your suggestions and ideas! Please feel free to reach us at hello@sparq.ai for any details.