Aug 2019

Hey everybody! We’re excited to share some more developments in Sparq with everyone. We’ve made some major updates in the last month, and we’re not stopping anytime soon. Thanks again to everyone that has taken the time to review our app and reached out to us to give us feedback.

Have a look at what in store this month.

9 Aug 2019

  • Our team has been working hard to reduce first time page load times with Sparq by removing all non-required calls when the page loads for the first time.
  • To further improve the search user experience, we’ve also added a search loader to appear for the search drop-down.
  • You will now be able to remove specific values from the filter options. We’ve also written a guide showing you what to do which you can read here.
  • We’ve introduced currency conversion to Sparq. From now on Sparq will automatically switch the currency of the prices in both the search drop-down, search results and collection pages. As of now, Sparq fully supports Shopify’s Default Currency Convertor, DoublyCurrencyConvetor, and Currency Switcher by Secomapp.
  • We’ve made even more improvements to our data indexer so that we can complete syncing operation faster.

Remember that you can always ping us with your suggestions and ideas! Please feel free to reach us at for any details.